Werner Schmid GmbH supports charitable organization „Perspektiva“

At Werner Schmid GmbH, we understand 04-Logo_perspektiva_4c
social commitment as part of our corporate responsibility. For us, it is important to support organizations whose goals and methods we can fully identify with.

One of these organizations is the charitable organization “Perspektiva”.
It was founded in 1999 by companies, citizens and charities of the Fulda region. Perspektiva sees itself as a sponsoring community for work and life. Perspektiva’s goal is to provide an access point to the job market for youths and young adults that have physical, mental or intellectual disabilities and thus giving them the opportunity to develop a life’s perspective of their own. The focus point of this unique, award-winning concept is the sustainable success of the fostering: the aim is to guide the youths in developing a self-determined and self-confident life without depending on governmental grants. Perspektiva’s concept has proven itself very successful: in the 16 years since founding, Perspektiva has brought about 120 young people into permanent employment.

Werner Schmid GmbH has supported Perspektiva since the very beginning. In 1999, we were one of the founding partners of Perspektiva and our retired managing director Monika Hauß-Schmid is still member of the organization’s advisory board. The staff manager forum, where staff managers of supporting organizations are informed about new developments and can share experiences, is jointly headed by the pedagogic supervisor of Perspektiva and our general manager Günter Schlitzer.

In addition, we contribute to the success of Perspektiva by offering internships and by providing jobs for young people under Perspektiva’s care. Over the years, we have given permanent employment to four youths from Perspektiva; a fifth is currently doing an internship that is jointly coached by Perspektiva and Werner Schmid GmbH.

With our continued support of Perspektiva, we want to help spread the conviction that every person has individual talents and abilities. Our experiences with the concept are positive without exception. Of course, intensive care is necessary, especially during the internship phase. But the results are stunning: the personal development of young people that are being believed in for the first time in their lives is exceptional. The young people that we have taken over from Perspektiva had to walk a long and often hard road, but all have written their own success story. Today, they are fully included into the company and our processes – and they are able to live their own life, mostly without any further supervision.

We are convinced that the cooperation with Perspektiva is a good one and we will not slowdown in our support. More on the work of Perspektiva at

Werner Schmid at Blechexpo 2015

The 12. Annual Blechexpo fair is about to begin. From November 03 until November 06, 1000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries will show their products and services at the international trade fair for sheet metal working in Stuttgart. Of course, WS will also be a part of this leading European trade fair. We will be presenting the newest additions to our portfolio.

This year, we want to present ourselves as a tool maker for sale tools once more. Since we started as a producer of sale tools in 2013, we have successfully finished four big projects with tools that are not meant for our own production. In the course of the project, the tools were tested on our own presses, both in transfer production as well as composite production. Subsequently, the tools were taken into operation at our customer’s premises; according to our customer’s preferences with or without employees of WS. All four tools are in operation now and produce parts in the desired high quality.

Another novelty for WS is the chipping post-treatment of deep-drawn, rotationally symmetrical metal parts. Since we took our turning lathe into operation in 2014, more and more parts requiring a chipping post-treatment, such as the addition of a bevelled edge, were transferred to this machine. The possibilities of a chipping post-treatment are versatile and will be further expanded to meet the requirements of increasingly strict tolerances. While the forming technology is pushing towards it’s boundaries, the chipping post-treatment still holds further potential for geometries that cannot be realized by forming alone, such as very small radii or bevels.

At the time of the fair, Werner Schmid will also have taken into operation its first servo-press with 4000kN and a table length of 3,500mm. The table length offers us new possibilities for further forming operations or inline monitoring. Additionally, the servo technology will be used to reduce auxiliary times and make processes more efficient.

We are looking forward to show you this and other news during Blechexpo in a personal conversation at our booth.

Stand Werner Schmid Blech ExpoStuttgart 2013 PS2_small








Werner Schmid GmbH offers stamping and injection moulding tools for sale since 2014

From the founding year in 1946 up until 2013, Werner Schmid GmbH manufactured stamping tools and injection moulding tools strictly for own production purposes. This philosophy was changed in late 2013. At the international fair BlechExpo 2013, Werner Schmid made their debut as a supplier of sale tools.

Still on the fair, first contacts with interested parties were made. Only four weeks later, the company could celebrate its first order over a progressive compound tool for a pipe clamp. After this project was executed successfully, the customer immediately placed a second order, this time a progressive compound tool for two-part profile clamp. At the same time, a big automotive supplier ordered two transfer sets including integrated threefold zigzag round blank cut.

One of these tools was approved in January 2015; the approval of the second tool using the customers own press is planned for the third quarter of 2015.
Did we arouse your interest in a successful cooperation with Werner Schmid GmbH? Then challenge us with you interesting requests, so that we can prove our capability to you as well!


The usage of a modern machine park, together with our specialist that have yearlong experience in the construction and manufacturing of complex tools, enable us to realize projects for our customers in a short period.



Industry 4.0 at Werner Schmid

The fourth industrial revolution is still in its infancy at WS. While different techniques – ranging from simple sensors to supervision by cameras – for the monitoring of processes are already in use, modern measuring devices offer far greater opportunities.

In the summer of 2014, the Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines of the Technical University Darmstadt, ConSenses GmbH and WS have started a research project that is supported by the state of Hessen. This project aims at the examination of a new technology and the practical applications in online process monitoring. The goal was to qualify a piezo micrometer screw gauge developed by ConSenses GmbH for daily use.

This new sensor screw is a conventional machine screw with DIN property class 8.8 that uses an integrated piezo element to transfer assembly and process forces into electronic signals. These electronic signals can easily be analyzed and allow for a consistent monitoring of the process as well as for a systematic improvement.

In the course of the project, the transformation process at WS were proven to be very consistent and stable. As the measuring system detects changes without ad hoc interpretation, even small deviations from the norm of the very stable processes at WS can be identified. By integration into the press controls, it is possible to influence the process even during the slightest of irregularities.

CodeSenses Kraftmessschrauben

In 2015, this project will continue and might find its way into the intelligent process monitoring in our production.

Reference: ConSenses GmbH

WS is now on facebook

We’re keeping up with the times – regarding production technology as well as social media. Starting May 2015, Werner Schmid GmbH is operating a company profile on facebook. With our facebook presence, we want to publish news but also use neat pictures and interesting stories to allow a glimpse behind the curtain.

The facebook profile of Werner Schmid GmbH can be found behind the direct link

We are looking forward to your visit!

Modernisation: Werner Schmid introduces industrial robots in mechanical manufacturing

150371_RZ_Zeitung_A4_72-1-9A consistently high quality is an important factor in the competitiveness of Werner Schmid GmbH. To ensure this, the company is regularly investing in modern production lines. Recently, a new Stopp turning machine with an EGS robot has been acquired, which is the first industrial robot in the mechanical manufacturing department. This means that the metalworking department now also has robot automation at its disposal – just like the plastics manufacturing department, which already has several linear systems in use.

The new robot takes work pieces out of a palletizing cell, processes them on the turning machine and places them back in their planned position. Before the introduction of the new robot, two manual turning machines were used for this. But the increased quality specifications could no longer be ensured manually.

150371_RZ_Zeitung_A4_72-1-10The requirements for the new machine were high: light, but voluminous work pieces need a large storage area, but the facility still needs to be compact. To achieve an optimal degree of capacity utilization and low standstill times, an easy placement of raw parts as well as an easy removal of finished parts had to be possible.

This does not primarily aim at a shortening of cycle times, but more at a consistently high quality as well as a reduction of human error and thereby a reliable manufacturing sequence.

Despite complex requirements regarding the facility as well as ambitious goals, the experiences are highly positive. Especially the high expectations regarding product quality were met, partially even excelled. The roundness of the finished part, an immensely important quality feature, is much better than hoped for.

The new technology creates new opportunities for Werner Schmid GmbH and its customers: in addition to forming, we can now also offer turning processes.

An option that is already in use: while the new facility initially was intended for one work piece only, we are already producing several variations today. And the new facility even has additional potential for expansion. For example, a drilling station can be integrated if necessary which would create even more opportunities for Werner Schmid GmbH and its customers.

Tool manufacture and construction in organizational unity

One of the core competencies of Werner Schmid GmbH lies in the area of metal tool and mould making. Following the improvements of the development process made possible by our FMEA, the tool making department and the construction department are merged to reduce interfaces and improve the efficiency.

Managed by Steffen Klitsch, area head of tool manufacture and construction, both units are merged not only by organizational structure but also by physical layout. Shorter routes and a faster communication are essential for the proper flow of information. Thus, the offices of the purchasing and the controlling departments are relocated from the ground floor to the first floor. Meanwhile, the construction department is moving to the ground floor – into the building already housing the tool manufacture department.

This physical relocation comes with building activities – walls have to be torn down or remodeled according to fire safety regulations, new offices are created.


„Werner Schmid hopes that this reorganization brings a
shortening of delivery periods for manufactured tools due
to a direct contact of the employees and a due date
supervision by one person.“

Standardization of FMEA

The failure mode and effects analysis (in short FMEA) is a tool for a sustainable quality assurance. An FMEA analyses processes to identify the sources of possible failures and their potential impact on the component regarding its quality. Of main interest is the question whether a component satisfies customer requirements or is unusable. Risk priority ratings are assigned to help mitigate or even prevent risks within the process in the appropriate sequence.

Being a process that is parallel to the construction process, FMEA are the first opportunity to identify failures in the manufacturing of our products – and prevent them from the start. The benefit from FMEA can be rather substantial, if a database is regularly filled with information that can be used in future projects. To properly utilize the constant flow of information, Werner Schmid GmbH invested in a new software to standardize the administration of knowledge in our FMEA.

By using the new software, our FMEA shall be utilized effectively in our development process to prevent the failures of comparable projects that came before. The software replaces the Excel sheets that were used previously. It gives us the possibility to generate standard sequences that are available for all components and construction elements of a certain product group. In addition to these standards, product-specific extensions are possible.


„For a glimpse into the future, we need to learn from the
mistakes of our past and model our processes according to
latest expertise.“

Werner Schmid Gmbh invests in a new 4000KN press

After extensive market studies, Werner Schmid has invested in a servo press of Haulick + Roos. Servo presses differ from the conventional mechanical and hydraulic presses by usage of electric servo drives resp. torque motors that allow for a nearly arbitrary displacement-time behaviour of the ram. The movement of the ram can thereby be flexibly adjusted to the forming process and its requirements. Differing from electric drives of mechanical presses, servo motors allow for an exact positioning as well as for higher torque levels with lower speeds or even from rest.

Using this new press technology, Werner Schmid aims at a reduction of auxiliary time during the process in comparison to the existing presses. Due to the flexible utilization of the displacement-time behaviour, the forming can be done appropriately to the material, while the return stroke of the ram can be accelerated beyond the top dead center. Without endangering the stability of the forming itself, the output per hour can be raised.

The press is completed by a conveyor system by Lorenz and a transfer system by Sander. The investment of more than three million Euro is aiming at further improving our product quality as well as an increase in productivity. The machine will be available in the third quarter of 2015.


„With the investment in the new press technology we
expect a technical advancement regarding the
producibility of complex metal parts as well as an
improvement of productivity.“