In metalworking, thanks to our innovative designs, the quality of our toolmaking and the many years of experience of our highly qualified production staff, we manufacture products with a high dimensional accuracy.

The tools and devices required for manufacturing your products are designed, developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. We can thus ensure a stable production process and supply your products reliably in the desired quality and at the required time.

In order to realise high-quality products with stringent geometric and dimensional requirements, in our metalworking facility, we work with follow-on composite or transfer tools as well as with special-to-tool designs that allow a high degree of flexibility. Our measurement laboratory is equipped with modern measuring instruments that we can use to carry out both tactile as well as multi-sensor measurements. This enables us efficient production monitoring with a high degree of freedom as well as efficient sampling according to all the common methods.

Moreover, as a supplier of innovative solutions and complex precision parts as well as precision assembly groups, we have equipment and expertise for high-quality further processing of your products from our metalworking facility. This includes, among others, a modern degreasing, cleaning and rust-proofing plant, which provides various options for finishing treatment of components, or a stop lathe with EGS robot for fully automatic machining of formed parts with short cycle times and a uniformly high quality.


Product examples, forming technology: gear components, partially made of high-tensile steel and motor sealing plates.
Product examples: casings for electric engines.
Product examples, forming technology: gear components, partially made of high-tensile steel.
Product examples show the variety of our manufacturing program: from cupholder to engine flange.
Product examples from transfer and progressive tools: motor sealing plates, motor casings, rotors.

Technical data for stamping and metal forming technology

Mechanical presses

Compressive force (kN)350 to 1.250
Mounting (mm)1.000 x 720 x 355
Stroke (mm)140

Hydraulic presses

Compressive force (kN)600 bis 2.600
Mounting (mm)1.000 x 1.000 x 1.200
Stroke (mm)750

Automatic punching machines with conveyor system and roll feed

Compressive force (kN)600 bis 2.600
Einbau (mm)1.000 x 1.000 x 1.200
Stroke (mm)750

Transfer moulding presses with automatic feed and oiling

Compressive force (kN)2.000 bis 5.000
Mounting (mm)3.000 x 1.400 . 700
Stroke (mm)300
Band width (mm)650
Band thickness (mm)bis 4

Transfer servo-presses with automatic feed with oiling

Compressive force (kN)3.150 bis 4.000
Mounting (mm)3.500 x 1.400 x 700
Stroke (mm)300
Band width (mm)650
Band thickness (mm)bis 6