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For the benefit of our customers

Since its formation in the year 1946, Werner Schmid GmbH has been managed as a traditional family-run company; it is now being led by the third generation. In our technically ultra-modern plants, we mainly manufacture components for the automotive and ventilation industries as well as for measurement and control technology. Apart from metalworking and plastics processing, the domains of design and development, tool-making and further processing are also among the pillars on which the success of our company has been built. Moreover, Werner Schmid GmbH also offers its in-house toolmaking facility for selling tools. The focus of our company is on high precision in the production of highly complex parts as well as specialisation in hybrid technology in which metallic components are coated with plastics.  Social and ecological responsibility for the region are as much goals of our company as are sustainable growth, continuous further development, and innovation.

Dipl.-Kaufm. (business graduate) Matthias Hauss and Joachim Hauss, M.Sc.


Shaped by our philosophy

With more than 70 years of experience in running the company, we want to continue to operate Werner Schmid GmbH as a traditional family-owned company even in the long term.  In doing so, we attach a great deal of importance to constancy in the company culture, with special emphasis on the company goals and quality consciousness.


Driven by Commitment

Social commitment is one of the cornerstones of Werner Schmid GmbH. The company is strongly committed to a progressive development of the region. That is why Werner Schmid GmbH is closely involved with the ‘Antonius Netzwerk’, an institution for differently challenged persons as well as for disadvantaged youth, who, since 1999, have received targeted support from the non-profit organisation Perspektiva so that they can be placed in permanent employment.


Confirmed by Awards

Our philosophy and company goals are reflected in the awards and prizes that Werner Schmid GmbH regularly receives. The following is an extract from the past years:

  • Best Employer Brand 2021/2022

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 75. Anniversary of Werner Schmid could not be celebrated in person. Instead, the company developed a new concept was developed to show appreciation to the employees and to create a moment of joy every month of the year. This project won multiple awards, amongst others with the “Best Employer Brand 2021/2022” award in the category “Hidden Champion”.

    The “Best Employer Brand” is awarded by the Austrian Employer Brand Managers Club and the specialized agency Symbiosis. It is directed at companies from the entire German-speaking area, including but not limited to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • German Brand Award, Winner 2022

    The 75. Anniversary of Werner Schmid had to be celebrated under the influence of Covid-19 restrictions, a big gathering was thus out of the question. Instead, the company celebrated with a creative approach, presenting employees with a lavish surprise gift every month. Each gift had a connection to the history of the company, the region of Fulda or the classic ingredients of every company celebration (namely good food and drinks). The project was announced as a German Brand Award “winner” in the category „Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Branded Activities During Covid 19“.

    The German Brand Award, as well as the German Design Award, is one of the most well-known awards in Germany. They are both awarded by the German Brand Institute together with the German Council for Design, which was founded in 1953 by initiative of the German parliament (Bundestag). With 1.200 applications, the German Brand Award is one of the most sought after business awards in Germany. It acknowledges successful brands, branding and brand communication.

  • German Stevie Awards, 2022

    After winning four awards in 2019, Werner Schmid was award two Gold Stevie Awards at Germanys most multi-faceted business prize in 2022. Werner Schmid won the award in the category “Company of the Year – “Manufacturing / Production”, same as in 2019. In addition, the jubilee project for the 75th anniversary won the award for the “Best Event for internal Appreciation and Motivation”.

  • Grading “Working healthy in FD”, 2022 & 2019

    In March 2022, the health management system of Werner Schmid GmbH was awarded the IHK grading “Working healthy in FD” for the second time since 2019. This grading is valid for three years and granted in four stages, for each of which a defined number of activities in different areas related to the health of employees has to be demonstrated. In 2022, Werner Schmid GmbH was again graded Gold, the highest of the four levels.

  • German Agency Award, 2021

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 75. anniversary of Werner Schmid in 2021 could not be celebrated with a big get-together. Rather it had to be rethought completely. This meant the creation of an elaborate concept for employees to receive a special surprise present every month from May until December. Each present hat a strong tie to the company or to the region of Fulda. For the creative design and realization, the project was awarded the German Agency Award in the category „Business-to-Employee“.

  • “Möglichmacher” Award, 2021

    The “Möglichmacher” (roughly translatable to “Make it possible Award”) Award has been presented by the antonius Foundation since 2018 for “exemplary commitment to an inclusive labor market”. The award is given to companies that are particularly committed to the qualification and employment of people with disabilities. In 2021, three companies from the fields of industry and craft were honored, including Werner Schmid GmbH.

  • German Stevie Awards, 2019

    The German Stevie Awards are the most multi-faceted business prize in Germany. In 2019, Werner Schmid GmbH was the winner in as many as four categories: Company of the year (category “Manufacturing / Production”), Entrepreneurs of the year for Matthias & Joachim Hauss (category “Manufacturing / Production”), Corporate Social Responsibility program of the year (up to 2,500 employees), Lifetime Achievement Award (category “Industrial goods”) for Monika Hauss-Schmid.

  • Grand Prix of the Medium Scale Industry, prize-winner in 2019 & finalist in 2017

    For the last 25 years, the “most coveted business award across Germany” (according to DIE WELT, a German newspaper) has been offered by the Leipzig-based Oskar-Patzelt Endowment and since 2003, it has been awarded all across Germany in twelve competition zones. Companies are assessed according to a holistic approach, in which innovative strength, customer orientation and market positioning as well as the social commitment and the role of the company in society are taken into consideration. Nominations have to be filed by associations or institutions, which has been happening every year with Werner Schmid GmbH since 2016. In 2017, Werner Schmid was honoured as a “Finalist”, in 2019 the company won the award.

  • ‘Economic Magnet’ seal, 2018

    The “Economic Magnet” seal is awarded to companies that stand out because of their holistic and persistently successful company management. The prize thus represents an antipole to the American style of corporate management: Instead of short-term profit optimisation, the emphasis has to be on the understanding of values in the corporate management.

  • GKV/TecPart Innovation Prize (TT Prize)

    For the last 45 years, the GKV/TecPart Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V. (Registered Association for Technical Plastic Products) has awarded this prize for outstanding and innovative technical products, modules and assemblies of plastic. Werner Schmid has already won it twice.

  • Company of the Month, July 2010 (State Government of Hesse)

    In July 2010, Werner Schmid was honoured by the State Government of Hesse as the “Company of the Month” for “exemplary promotion” of differently-abled youth and for its commitment to the society Perspektiva.

We are certified

The high demands that we place on the quality of our components and on the environmental compatibility of our processes are the basis of our work. In the interest of our customers, we strive for high quality in all phases of the production process: From competent consultancy during the component development, through the design and production of high-quality tools, right up to the actual production of the components that can satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

To remain a recognised provider of complex components of the highest quality, we have ourselves certified regularly, thus ensuring our continuous further development. We are certified in accordance with the IATF 16 949, ISO 9001, ISO 14 001 and ISO 50 001.

DIN EN ISO 14001:2015


IATF 16949:2016


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


DIN EN ISO 50001:2018


The long history of Werner Schmid

Originally founded in 1946 by Werner Schmid as a one-man company to get a foothold in the region, and make door and window fittings from the wreckage, Werner Schmid GmbH quickly evolved into an economically profitable company, which expanded its manufacturing range simultaneously with the economic growth in Germany, and ultimately specialised in the production of high-quality technical metal and plastic components that had stringent requirements for tolerances and complex geometries. A constantly increasing demand and the concomitant increasing number of employees have enabled Werner Schmid GmbH to grow continuously till today. Regular investments in the expansion of production shops and manufacturing plants reflect the modernity of the company.

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