Privacy Policy


This privacy declaration informs users of our website (following „services“) of the nature, extend and purpose of the collection and usage of personal identifiable information (“pii”) by Werner Schmid GmbH, Weichselstr. 21, 36043 Fulda, Germany.

By visiting and using our website, you acknowledge the practices and policies outlined in this privacy declaration.

Usage of personal identifiable information

Personal identifiable information (PII) as defined by article 4 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual. This includes e.g. information such as name, postal address, e-mail-address, telephone number, information regarding interests and memberships, but under certain circumstances also usage data such as IP address.

Of course, we adhere to legal requirements of the GDPR as well as the German “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG resp. BDSG-neu) and other applicable regulation. Personal identifiable information are only collected, processed, used and transmitted when it is necessary as well as allowed by law or you have explicitly consented.

Access data / server logfiles

When you are accessing the website of Werner Schmid GmbH, information about that access are saved in a server logfile. Information about the users of our websites are of course only collected when necessary for the provision of our services.

We (respectively our webspace provider) collects data regarding every access to our services (so-called server logfiles). The collected data includes:

  • Name of the website accessed
  • Date and time of the access
  • Type of browser, including version and operating system
  • Referrer URL, if transmitted by the browser
  • IP address, which is anonymized after a few days by shortening

Our webspace provider stores the logfiles for a maximum of 9 weeks, then they are deleted automatically. However, after a few days IP addresses are shortened; after that, no conclusion to the accessing individual is possible.

We (respectively our webspace provider) generally do not use these data. We do, however, reserve the right to review the logfiles retrospectively if indications lead to the legitimate suspicion of an unlawful usage.


The PII necessary for establishing contact with via Email or mail (especially contact data and communication content) is only used within Werner Schmid GmbH and only for the purpose of answering your contact request. Without your explicit consent, we will never hand over said data to any third party and we will delete the data after the ceasing of the purpose for storing and potential storage periods necessary for the compliance to a law.


When accessing our websites, one or more cookies are stored on your PC. A cookie is a small file that includes a certain character string to identify your browser. Using such cookies, our webspace provider improves the comfort and quality of our services, e.g. to store user configurations. In our case, two cookies are used:

  • for the language selection, so you do not need to re-select the language after every page change,
  • for the cookie banner, so it does not re-appear after being confirmed.

Of course, cookies do not do any harm on your PC and do not contain viruses.

Our Website does not use tracking cookies or other tracking mechanisms.

A usage of our services is possible without the usage of cookies. You can configure your browser to deactivate the storage of cookies, to restrict the usage of cookies to certain websites or to inform you before a cookie is stored. You can delete all cookies from your harddrive by using the privacy settings of your browser. In certain cases, this might restrict the functionality and the usability of our services.

Handling of applicant’s data

If you chose to apply for a job at Werner Schmid GmbH, we will handle your application in accordance with data protection regulation. This is regardless of whether your application is sent via email or mail.

Please take into consideration that unencrypted emails can possibly be accessed by an unauthorized third party, if said party has the necessary know how. We therefore recommend an application via traditional mail. If you chose to apply via email, a possible access of third parties is not within our realm of influence or responsibility.

Applications will only be made accessible for personnel that is relevant for the hiring regarding the open position or (in the case of speculative application) that might have a fitting positin available.

If an applicant is hired, the application becomes part of the personal file and is stored accordingly. In this case, digital copies of the application will be deleted. In the case of a rejection, the application will be stored for four months and then deleted (in case of digital applications) or destroyed resp. sent back (in case of hardcopy applications). A longer storage (i.e. for the case that a fitting position becomes available in the future) is only done in exceptional cases and with the explicit consent of the applicant. This consent can always be revoked.

Data Protection Officer

Werner Schmid GmbH has appointed a data protection officer. He can be reached at:

Personal rights: Revocation, changes, corrections and updates

Upon application, you have the right to receive information about the personal information stored about you. You can also objet to the usage of your data.  In addition, you have the right that incorrect data is corrected and that your personal data is deleted or restricted unless a statutory retention period does not prevent this. A given consent can always be withdrawn. All these rights are free of charge.

In case of any questions, please contact

If you are unhappy with our usage of your data or we keep you from exercising your right within a responsible period of time, you have the right to complain at your oversight agency.

The oversight agency for Hessen can be reached via the following website:

Version: 2020-09-24