Philosophy & Vision

Shaped by our philosophy


With more than 75 years of experience in running the company, we want to continue to operate Werner Schmid GmbH as a traditional family-owned company even in the long term. In doing so, we attach a great deal of importance to constancy in the company culture, with special emphasis on the company goals and quality consciousness.

In an environment characterised by the growing demands of global markets, high customer demands, and the requirements of standards, formalities and contracts, we consider our stringent quality standards to be a substantial competitive factor and precondition for sustained company success. These high demands that we have put on ourselves are also accompanied by the corporate objectives that we have set ourselves:

  1. Sustainable growth, continuous further development
  2. Long-term securing of the company success
  3. Sustaining the innovative strength in the production facility in Fulda
  4. Maintaining a cooperative company culture and working atmosphere
  5. Preserving the status of being a recognised supplier of complex parts of high quality
  6. Living up to the responsibility – both social and ecological – for the region


Photo: HA Hessen Agentur GmbH – Jan Michael Hosan

Carried by our vision



We focus on the production of highly complex molded parts made of metal and plastic. The deliberate merging of competencies in our two core areas makes us specialists in hybrid technology. In our products we combine customer specificity with functionality and precision. Thanks to the many years of experience of our technical experts, we are more than contract manufacturers: We are solution and development partners for demanding problems. With a pioneering spirit and creativity, we work on the consistent further development of our production processes, on the expansion of our product portfolio and on increasing the vertical range of manufacture through assemblies. We combine the irreplaceable expertise of our employees with a steadily increasing degree of automation with the goal of 100% quality and the traceability of each individual component.



Sustainability in the ecological sense is just as important to us as sustainability in interpersonal cooperation. We encourage this by maintaining long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Thanks to strong employee loyalty and long years of service, our partners have the same reliable contact partners in the long term. We are constantly working to improve the environmental compatibility of our processes. We are always looking for new ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste in our production. Through a continuous improvement process and participation in energy efficiency initiatives, we achieve the progressive reduction of our CO² footprint. Together with our customers, we continue to develop ourselves and our production from an ecological point of view. Through research and development projects, we examine the use of renewable raw materials such as bio-polymers or wood in order to make a further contribution to resource conservation. We have always thought and acted in a future-oriented manner in order to give future generations the best possible perspective.



As a reliable employer and stable, regionally rooted company, we take on a high level of social responsibility and secure the financial livelihoods for many people and families in the region. We perform charitable tasks, get involved in social projects and support disadvantaged people. We identify with the region and the people who live and work in it. Together we want to grow and shape the future. Showing and promoting solidarity is very important to us, especially in times of crisis. We continue to invest in the Fulda location and remain connected to it. Through meaningful collaborations, such as with the antonius network and the non-profit organization Perspektiva, we promote and enable the qualification of disadvantaged young people until they are accepted into permanent employment. We always stay open and are always curious about new interesting social projects and initiatives.



Despite the increasing importance of automation, maintaining and increasing the innovative strength of the workforce at the Fulda location is our top priority. Employee satisfaction, a good working atmosphere and consistency in the team are very important to us. Through our health management, we want to provide valuable impetus for sustainable health protection in our workforce. We are continuously looking for highly qualified staff who identify with the Fulda region and who would like to support us as a company over the long term. When filling management positions, the focus is on the qualification and further training of talents and young professionals from our own ranks. Our qualified and committed trainers provide young people with the right tools for a successful start into professional life.