Design and Development

from the idea to the product

Our service starts right from the development of your product:
The experts from our design department support you right from the product development process in order to ensure process-safe manufacturability, compliance with the highest quality requirements and economic efficiency in production through optimized component design.
You have a product idea, we develop an economical manufacturing process.



Stamping and metal forming as well as mould making

In our tool & mould construction facility, we make tools for stamping and metal forming as well as injection moulds using modern machine tools. In metalworking, we have specialised in complex metal forming processes like deep drawing. For this purpose, we develop and manufacture both single-stage tools for small batches as well as follow-on composite or transfer tools for large series. In plastics technology, we make moulds for single-component and multi-component injection moulding.



Stamping and metal forming

In metalworking, thanks to our innovative designs, the quality of our toolmaking and the many years of experience of our highly qualified production staff, we manufacture products with a high dimensional accuracy.
The tools and devices required for your products are designed, developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. We can thus ensure a stable production process and supply your products reliably in the desired quality and at the required time.


Plastics technology

Manufacturing process and further processing

For more than 50 years now, in our plastics production facility, we have been processing thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers into technically sophisticated moulded parts for measurement and control technology, for the ventilation and automotive industries and for other industrial sectors with stringent demands on the geometry and quality of components. We specialise in functional, high-precision components that we can produce economically thanks to a high degree of automation.


Further processing

Hybrid components and multi-component injection moulding

By combining metalworking and plastics technology under one roof, we unify our decades of experience in both the production domains to create a high level of expertise for manufacturing metal-plastic hybrid composites.