Werner Schmid at Fakuma 2018

From october 16th to 18th, Werner Schmid will be present at the 26th Fakuma in Friedrichshafen. Fakuma is considered one of the world’s leading fairs for industrial plastics processing, especially for injection moulding. The organizers expect more than 1.800 exhibitors, once again reaching the high number of exhibitors from the previous year. During the anniversary fair in 2017, around 1.800 exhibitors presented their products and services on more than 85.000 m² of exhibition space. With approximately 50.000 professional visitors from 128 nations, Fakuma showed the internationality of the plastics processing industry.
At our fair stand, we will be presenting our competencies and the portfolio of our plastics manufacturing. The focus of our injection moulding department lies with technically difficult formed parts that we produce for industries like the automotive, the measurement technology and the ventilation industry as well as other industries with high requirements regarding quality and geometry. Due to our metal working facilities, where we are specialized on complex formed parts, we possess decade-long experience in the production of metal-plastic-hybrids. Demanding multi-component injection moulding parts complete or wide product portfolio.
Due to our in-house design team as well as tool- and mould-making department, we can ensure a competent consulting during the early phases of any project as well as fast reaction times during production.
We will be happy to present our competencies during a personal conversation. Come visit us at our stand – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Werner Schmid GmbH wins award “Business Magnet”

Another award for Werner Schmid GmbH: in April 2018, the company was awarded with the signet “Business Magnet”. This award is given to companies that are stand out by a wholesome management and long-term success. By doing so, this award wants to present a counterpart to modern anglo-saxon business management: instead of the short-term maximization of earnings, the focus should be on a value-based management. This includes the long-term growth of middle-market structures, a wholesome mindset and regional roots. To verify that a candidate is worthy of the Business Magnet, the jury assesses the company according to seven areas including innovation, social company responsibility, marketing and healthy growth. A strong company from the Business Magnet point of view is continuously working on the improvement of all these influencing factors, thereby ensuring the long-term existence of the company and all it’s jobs.
On April, 19th 2018, the management of Werner Schmid received the award from Business Magnet initiator Christian Kalkbrenner. “We are very happy about this award”, business manager Matthias Hauß explains. “The Business Magnet is aiming at companies that stand for a value-oriented management and we are proud that we qualify for their criteria.” He views the award as another signal for the strength of Werner Schmid GmbH and for the importance of a self-conception as a regional, traditional family enterprise.

Maintenance and repair of injection moulds as a service

A defective injection mould can cause substansive expenses for a company and might at worst even strain the relationship to a customer: if an important production order is queued, but the machine needs to stand still because of damages to the tool or mould, every minute counts. A fast and proficient restauration of the injection mould is of the highest importance in such a situation. Especially for companies that do not own their own mould making department, this is a massive challenge.At Werner Schmid, we have decade-long experience in tool manufacturing and mould making. Thanks to the proximity of our tool manufacturing to our own production floors, we have the competencies for high-quality maintenance and repair of injection moulds. Thus, we are able to provide a fast and extensive maintenance service with a high degree of quality. This service is not only available to our own customers, but also for third-party tools. We command a diverse machine park, a well-stocked material pool as well as well-trained designers and tool-makers. This enables us to provide repairing, maintenance and refurbishing of injection moulds as a service for third party customers.

Especially for the overhaul of older moulds, where there might not even be drawings available anymore, our year-long experience with mould making and the usage of high-tech tools have proven to be valuable. We have the possibilities to generate 3D data from old parts of a mould. These data can be used to repair, overhaul and even re-design an old tool. By this, we can make damaged tools operational in a fast, efficient and precise way and can help reduce machine downtime.If you are interested in our maintenance and repairing service, please do not hesitate to ask our contacts from the sales or technical department.

Werner Schmid is on of the first companies in Germany to be certified according to IATF 16949

The norm IATF 16949 is the current quality management standard of the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) und thereby the de-facto standard of the European and Northern American automotive industry. It replaces the previous specification ISO/TS 16949 and, like its predecessor, is a further development of the quality management standard ISO 9001. Since October 2017, a certification is only possible according to IATF 16949. Before October, there was a choice between ISO/TS 16949 and IATF 16949.

Werner Schmid has already implemented the new requirements of IATF 16949 and chose to voluntarily seek a certification according to the new standard. Thus, we are one of the first companies in Germany to be audited against IATF 16949 and receive a certificate. By choosing an early certification according to IATF 16949, we want to demonstrate the high quality standard of our house and signalize that we already fulfil the higher demands of IATF 16949.

The current certificate can now be downloaded from our website.

Werner Schmid GmbH gets awarded as a finalist of the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” 2017.

On September 30. the Werner Schmid GmbH gets awarded as a finalist in the contest for the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” 2017. This well renowned award is regarded as one of the most important awards for Germany’s economy and dignifies extraordinary achievements of small- and medium-sized businesses.

The two general managers Matthias and Joachim Hauß are very excited about the award. “Being awarded as a finalist was a great surprise for us and we are very proud of it. Especially because this award caters to the role our company plays in society. Our bond with the region Fulda and our self-image as a traditional family business has always been important to us. From our perspective this exactly is a huge asset for the small- and medium-sized businesses and we are glad, that our understanding of entrepreneurial responsibility is being reflected in such an award. We thank all of our employees who helped to achieve this success with their effort, their ideas and their every day work.”

All over Germany 4.923 companies were nominated in 2017. 488 of those are from Hessen, where Werner Schmid GmbH distinguished itself as one of 4 finalists.

The award not only recognizes economical performance indicators but also a holistic approach that respects the company’s role in society. This considers the long-term employment creation and assurance as well as the innovative strength and the commitment to the region.

Werner Schmid at Fakuma and Blechexpo 2017

This fall, Werner Schmid will be part of two major industrial fairs.

First, we will be an exhibitor at the 25th Fakuma in Friedrichshafen between Oktober 17th and 21st. More than 1.700 exhibitors from all parts of the world will present their offers around all forms of plastics processing. One big focus will be on injection moulding, where Fakuma is considered a worldwide leading fair. The organizers expect more than 40.000 visitors from 120 countries. We will be presenting our product range of technically sophisticated injection moulding parts from our plastics production as well as high-quality forms from our tool making department. In addition to our core competencies that include metal-plastic-hybrids, we will be presenting news regarding our production programme. This includes the expansion of our two-component injection moulding.

The competencies of our metal processing department and our know how regarding the production of high-quality transfer and feed tools will be presented at the 13th Blechexpo, that takes place between November 7th and 10th in Stuttgart. With more than 1.300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, Blechexpo is a leading international industry fair as well. A good opportunity for us to present our experience in metal punching and forming as well as tool manufacturing. Our focus lies on complex formed parts, tools for our own production and sales tools as well as the consulting of our customers during the development phase.

We will be happy to present our competencies during a personal conversation. Come visit us at our stand – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Werner Schmid supports customer’s product development

Our design departement has always been an important interface to our customers and the first step in the lifecycle of every project. In the past few years, our design department has grown even closer towards the development of the product on our customer’s side.

Traditionally, Werner Schmid does not conduct product development but designs the tools used to produce the parts developed by our customers. This traditional task of the design department has recently been amended by supporting tasks during development phases. With ever-increasing complexity and tighter tolerances, there is also increasing demand for support during component design. This demand is met by our experts in the design department. With our yearlong expertise, we support not only by giving our assessment regarding technical feasibility of a product but are also available for developing solutions to problems such as difficult geometries or make suggestions regarding product design or optimization.

Thus, we contribute to product development and advancement, which can have multiple advantages for our customers. Possible advantages include a more stable production process, a greater stability of the product, optimizations regarding material usage, a higher flexibility regarding the planning of variants, more cost-effective production techniques and many more.

Werner Schmid GmbH achieves certification for environmental management system according to ISO 14001

Environmental politics is currently a global topic. More than one and a half years ago, Werner Schmid GmbH had already started the implementation process for an environmental management system in alignment with ISO 14001 and has now achieved the according certification.

Of course, a responsible use of ressources and energy are major cornerstones of the initiative. The careful separation of industrial waste, the usage of reliable disposal companies, an environmentally oriented selection and management of service provides as well as an appropriate handling of hazardous and working materials are further key aspects of the new management system.

We hope that we can contribute to environment and climate protection be ensuring that our parts are produced as environmentally friendly as possible.

Werner Schmid GmbH nominated for Grand Prize of SME again

After being nominated for the Grand Prize of SME (“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”) in 2016 and already reaching the jury list round, we are nominated again in 2017.

The renomated award is considered one of the most important economic awards in Germany. Only about every 1000th company gets nominated. Enterprises are not only judged by economic KPIs, but by a wholesome approach that consideres the company’s role in society.

We are happy about the nomination and hope to achieve a good ranking again.

15. anniversary of the death of founder Werner Schmid

21st of january 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Werner Schmid, the founder of our company. During his active years as managing director, he was able to see the development of the repairing company that he founded more than 70 years ago into a die-cutting company and subsequently into a producer of high-quality metal and plastic components. When he left the company in 1995 due to his age, the Werner Schmid GmbH had just surpassed the threshold of 200 employees. Today, more than 300 people work for the company and WS has also continuously evolved from a technical perspective. Werner Schmid would surely be proud to see how his life’s work has evolved over the years. In his name, the general management thanks all employees, customers, suppliers and partners for their contribution to the continuation of the dream that Werner Schmid had in 1946 when he founded his company.