Plastics technology

For more than 50 years now, in our plastics production facility, we have been processing thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers into technically sophisticated moulded parts for measurement and control technology, for the ventilation and automotive industries and for other industrial sectors with stringent demands on the geometry and quality of components. We specialise in functional, high-precision components that we can produce economically thanks to a high degree of automation.

Owing to the quality of our toolmaking, our plastics production can tackle a variety of manufacturing and further processing tasks such as plastic injection moulding, multi-component injection moulding, hybrid technology, pad printing, vibration welding, hot rivetting or assembly of individual components to form complete assemblies including functional testing.

We invest continuously in the further development of our machinery and our expertise in further processing. As a result, we always have new processes available to us, processes that have not yet been listed here. Further, expanding our available machinery towards being able to fulfil customer wishes or project requirements is always possible.


Product examples: ventilation industry.
Product examples, automotive industry: visible parts and assemblies.
Product examples, automotive industry: light guides made from transparent plastic.
Product examples, thermoplastic elastomeres with sealing effect.
Product examples: ventilation industry.
Product examples: Multi-component injection moulding.
Werner Schmid is specialised in complex parts, metal-plastic-hybrids and multi-component injection moulding.

Technical data regarding the manufacturing process or further processing

Fully hydraulic and fully electric injection moulding machines

Locking force (kN) 600 to 7.000
Clamping dimensions (mm)up to 1.510 × 1.440
Shot weights (g) 3 to 2.200
Plate spacing (mm) 800 to 1.800

Multi-component injection moulding machines

Locking force (kN) 2.200 to 2.300
Clamping dimensions (mm)970 × 830
Shot weights (g) HK to 430
WK to 80
Plattenabstand (mm) up to 1.290