Werner Schmid GmbH supports charitable organization „Perspektiva“

At Werner Schmid GmbH, we understand 04-Logo_perspektiva_4c
social commitment as part of our corporate responsibility. For us, it is important to support organizations whose goals and methods we can fully identify with.

One of these organizations is the charitable organization “Perspektiva”.
It was founded in 1999 by companies, citizens and charities of the Fulda region. Perspektiva sees itself as a sponsoring community for work and life. Perspektiva’s goal is to provide an access point to the job market for youths and young adults that have physical, mental or intellectual disabilities and thus giving them the opportunity to develop a life’s perspective of their own. The focus point of this unique, award-winning concept is the sustainable success of the fostering: the aim is to guide the youths in developing a self-determined and self-confident life without depending on governmental grants. Perspektiva’s concept has proven itself very successful: in the 16 years since founding, Perspektiva has brought about 120 young people into permanent employment.

Werner Schmid GmbH has supported Perspektiva since the very beginning. In 1999, we were one of the founding partners of Perspektiva and our retired managing director Monika Hauß-Schmid is still member of the organization’s advisory board. The staff manager forum, where staff managers of supporting organizations are informed about new developments and can share experiences, is jointly headed by the pedagogic supervisor of Perspektiva and our general manager Günter Schlitzer.

In addition, we contribute to the success of Perspektiva by offering internships and by providing jobs for young people under Perspektiva’s care. Over the years, we have given permanent employment to four youths from Perspektiva; a fifth is currently doing an internship that is jointly coached by Perspektiva and Werner Schmid GmbH.

With our continued support of Perspektiva, we want to help spread the conviction that every person has individual talents and abilities. Our experiences with the concept are positive without exception. Of course, intensive care is necessary, especially during the internship phase. But the results are stunning: the personal development of young people that are being believed in for the first time in their lives is exceptional. The young people that we have taken over from Perspektiva had to walk a long and often hard road, but all have written their own success story. Today, they are fully included into the company and our processes – and they are able to live their own life, mostly without any further supervision.

We are convinced that the cooperation with Perspektiva is a good one and we will not slowdown in our support. More on the work of Perspektiva at