Werner Schmid supports customer’s product development

Our design departement has always been an important interface to our customers and the first step in the lifecycle of every project. In the past few years, our design department has grown even closer towards the development of the product on our customer’s side.

Traditionally, Werner Schmid does not conduct product development but designs the tools used to produce the parts developed by our customers. This traditional task of the design department has recently been amended by supporting tasks during development phases. With ever-increasing complexity and tighter tolerances, there is also increasing demand for support during component design. This demand is met by our experts in the design department. With our yearlong expertise, we support not only by giving our assessment regarding technical feasibility of a product but are also available for developing solutions to problems such as difficult geometries or make suggestions regarding product design or optimization.

Thus, we contribute to product development and advancement, which can have multiple advantages for our customers. Possible advantages include a more stable production process, a greater stability of the product, optimizations regarding material usage, a higher flexibility regarding the planning of variants, more cost-effective production techniques and many more.