Werner Schmid GmbH wins award “Business Magnet”

Another award for Werner Schmid GmbH: in April 2018, the company was awarded with the signet “Business Magnet”. This award is given to companies that are stand out by a wholesome management and long-term success. By doing so, this award wants to present a counterpart to modern anglo-saxon business management: instead of the short-term maximization of earnings, the focus should be on a value-based management. This includes the long-term growth of middle-market structures, a wholesome mindset and regional roots. To verify that a candidate is worthy of the Business Magnet, the jury assesses the company according to seven areas including innovation, social company responsibility, marketing and healthy growth. A strong company from the Business Magnet point of view is continuously working on the improvement of all these influencing factors, thereby ensuring the long-term existence of the company and all it’s jobs.
On April, 19th 2018, the management of Werner Schmid received the award from Business Magnet initiator Christian Kalkbrenner. “We are very happy about this award”, business manager Matthias Hauß explains. “The Business Magnet is aiming at companies that stand for a value-oriented management and we are proud that we qualify for their criteria.” He views the award as another signal for the strength of Werner Schmid GmbH and for the importance of a self-conception as a regional, traditional family enterprise.