Werner Schmid at Blechexpo 2015

The 12. Annual Blechexpo fair is about to begin. From November 03 until November 06, 1000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries will show their products and services at the international trade fair for sheet metal working in Stuttgart. Of course, WS will also be a part of this leading European trade fair. We will be presenting the newest additions to our portfolio.

This year, we want to present ourselves as a tool maker for sale tools once more. Since we started as a producer of sale tools in 2013, we have successfully finished four big projects with tools that are not meant for our own production. In the course of the project, the tools were tested on our own presses, both in transfer production as well as composite production. Subsequently, the tools were taken into operation at our customer’s premises; according to our customer’s preferences with or without employees of WS. All four tools are in operation now and produce parts in the desired high quality.

Another novelty for WS is the chipping post-treatment of deep-drawn, rotationally symmetrical metal parts. Since we took our turning lathe into operation in 2014, more and more parts requiring a chipping post-treatment, such as the addition of a bevelled edge, were transferred to this machine. The possibilities of a chipping post-treatment are versatile and will be further expanded to meet the requirements of increasingly strict tolerances. While the forming technology is pushing towards it’s boundaries, the chipping post-treatment still holds further potential for geometries that cannot be realized by forming alone, such as very small radii or bevels.

At the time of the fair, Werner Schmid will also have taken into operation its first servo-press with 4000kN and a table length of 3,500mm. The table length offers us new possibilities for further forming operations or inline monitoring. Additionally, the servo technology will be used to reduce auxiliary times and make processes more efficient.

We are looking forward to show you this and other news during Blechexpo in a personal conversation at our booth.

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