Trainees are „Energy Scouts“

The improvement of energy efficiency plays an important part in the European energy policy and the achievement of climate goals. By participating in the project “Energy Scouts”, Werner Schmid contributes further to environment protection.

“Energy Scouts” is a project of the “Mittelstandsinitiative Energiewende und Klimaschutz” (transl: “SME initiative energy revolution and climate protection”). It is fostered by the German industry and trade chambers. In two-day workshops, trainees are made aware of the importance of energy efficiency and are given the necessary tools for identifying and implementing energy saving measures. Afterwards, they analyze their own company and develop concepts for the improvement of energy efficiency. This project follows the Kaizen philosophy: trainees are not meant to become energy consultants and are not asked to start big projects with high investments. Instead, the focus lies on the identification and elimination of often daily energy waste.

This year, Werner Schmid participated with two teams. Four trainees have analyzed our enterprise and found possibilities for further improvement of energy efficiency. This resulted in two projects: one team handles thermal efficiencies in office buildings, the other energy efficiency of small electronic devices.

This april, our thermal efficiency team was voted one of the three best teams in the region of Fulda by an independent jury. They are now asked to present their project at a conference in Berlin this summer. We are pleased with the good outcome of this project and congratulate our trainees!