Professional education at Werner Schmid

ausbildung_werner-schmidThe professional education of our own trainees has been a big part of WS since 1947, the first year after the founding of the company. Back then, the first toolmaker apprentice joined Werner Schmid; he proceeded to become the head of our metalworking department and eventually retired as factory manager.

Today, we are still educating continuously. The training program offered by WS reflects the whole performance spectrum of the company: we are training toolmakers, industrial mechanics, process mechanics for synthetic materials and rubber techniques, technical product designers, computer scientists and industrial management assistants. In addition, we are offering integrated degree programs in business management and engineering. We are always trying to enthuse young people for the tasks present in our company and to win them for a professional education at Werner Schmid.

One of the components in our approach to professional education is the education fair “Bildungsmesse” in Fulda that has been around for more than ten years. The fair envisions itself as a mirror image of the educational region of eastern Hessia. Companies that take on apprentices, vocational colleges, educational providers, universities of cooperative education and the University of Fulda present numerous occupational profiles and courses of education. The fair aims to give information about the whole portfolio of education, ranging from preparation of career choices to professional development.

Since the first year, Werner Schmid has been a part of the education fair and will be participating again this year. At our booth, we are presenting our training programs and our own trainees give insight into their jobs at WS.

It is always our goal to offer a permanent position after the completion of a trainee program and to foster the further development of our employees. For this, possibilities of further education are given and fitting jobs are provided. A concept that has proven itself successful: most of our current managers have started their career by professional education in our company and have been focusing on further development ever since.