Maintenance and repair of injection moulds as a service

A defective injection mould can cause substansive expenses for a company and might at worst even strain the relationship to a customer: if an important production order is queued, but the machine needs to stand still because of damages to the tool or mould, every minute counts. A fast and proficient restauration of the injection mould is of the highest importance in such a situation. Especially for companies that do not own their own mould making department, this is a massive challenge.At Werner Schmid, we have decade-long experience in tool manufacturing and mould making. Thanks to the proximity of our tool manufacturing to our own production floors, we have the competencies for high-quality maintenance and repair of injection moulds. Thus, we are able to provide a fast and extensive maintenance service with a high degree of quality. This service is not only available to our own customers, but also for third-party tools. We command a diverse machine park, a well-stocked material pool as well as well-trained designers and tool-makers. This enables us to provide repairing, maintenance and refurbishing of injection moulds as a service for third party customers.

Especially for the overhaul of older moulds, where there might not even be drawings available anymore, our year-long experience with mould making and the usage of high-tech tools have proven to be valuable. We have the possibilities to generate 3D data from old parts of a mould. These data can be used to repair, overhaul and even re-design an old tool. By this, we can make damaged tools operational in a fast, efficient and precise way and can help reduce machine downtime.If you are interested in our maintenance and repairing service, please do not hesitate to ask our contacts from the sales or technical department.