Expertise in subsequent treatment of metal parts

Werner Schmid GmbH is a provider of innovative solutions and complex precision parts as well as assembly units. Thus, we do not only develop our expertise in punching and forming technologies but also consequently invest in facilities for the high-quality subsequent treatment of our metal and plastic products. Exemplary, the following shows an overview of our main treatment options for metal parts:

  • Our oldest technique for subsequent treatment is the stress relief heat treatment. We still operate our own annealing facility. It is used to reduce the tension within our parts which reduces unwanted warpage and mechanical damages during further production steps.
  • Our Stopp turning lathe with EGS robot gives us the possibility to perform a fully automated chipping post-processing of formed metal parts. Its advantages are short cycle times with high quality results. This allows us to fulfill measurement requirements that cannot be produced solely by forming – e.g. evenness or absence of burrs. Another possible procedure for the removal of burrs is our slide finishing machine.
  • Using the technique of resistance welding, we are able to join parts after the forming process to smaller assemblies.
  • Our modern degreasing, cleaning and preserving facility provides a variety of options for the further treatment of parts. In addition to a degreasing in a PER bath, a cleaning using ultrasonic sound as well as a preservation with Anticorit are possible. Because of our decade-long experience in plastic injection moulding, we can use metal parts from our production for the creation of metal-plastic-hybrids, e.g. injection moulding around metal inserts or joining by heated tool riveting.

We are happy to provide you with further information regarding these and other services in the subsequent treatment of our products.