15. anniversary of the death of founder Werner Schmid

21st of january 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Werner Schmid, the founder of our company. During his active years as managing director, he was able to see the development of the repairing company that he founded more than 70 years ago into a die-cutting company and subsequently into a producer of high-quality metal and plastic components. When he left the company in 1995 due to his age, the Werner Schmid GmbH had just surpassed the threshold of 200 employees. Today, more than 300 people work for the company and WS has also continuously evolved from a technical perspective. Werner Schmid would surely be proud to see how his life’s work has evolved over the years. In his name, the general management thanks all employees, customers, suppliers and partners for their contribution to the continuation of the dream that Werner Schmid had in 1946 when he founded his company.